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D.I.Y. Fest Afiș reprintat in memoria lui Phil Vane

Independent Voices Nr 8 2011.jpg
Dangers (USA)
Good Time Boys (UK)
Impurita (Serbia)
Stuck in A Rut (Rou)

Independent Voices Festival Nr. 7 2010.jpg
Navtilvs (Austria)
From This Day On (Germania)
New Dead Project (Ungaria)
Semmi Komoly (Ungaria)
Kill for Peace (Franța)

Independent Voices Fest Nr. 6 2009.jpg
Aktivna Propaganda (Slovenia)
Kingdom (USA)
New Dead Project (Ungaria)
Dead Vows (Suedia)
Determination (Austria)
Fist-A-Ferret (Austria)
Haos (Rou)
Have Heart (USA)
Shipwreck (USA)
Rise and Fall (Belgium)
Pavilionul 32 (Rou)
Think Again…
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